What Should You Know About Jim Plante?

To those who are not aware, Jim Plante is one of the most valued professionals regarding investment and internship in the biotechnology sector. Jim continues to strive to help others better themselves in this field because it is his passion. Reading further will help individuals to become acquainted with this world-class innovator so they can learn why he is so sought after in the world of biotechnology.

How Did He Get His Start?

As with any great professional in his field, Jim got his start by seeking higher education. He first steps earned him his degree in Electrical Engineering at the highly-respected Southern Illinois University. After graduating from the university, he worked as a technology entrepreneur and investor for twenty-five years, gaining the respect of his fellow investors and like-minded business associates. During his pursuits in investing, his focus was on the biotechnology and technology industries as they were rapidly growing at this time.

Not content with the status quo, Jim continued to better himself and enjoyed the challenge his work brought to his life. At the age of thirty-years-old, he played a huge role in the takeover of Beltronics, which is one of the largest providers of high-performance millimeter devices. Jim took on the role of president and worked tirelessly to take this grand company out of the red balance and put it back into a good standing in about a year.

Further Work Continued

As he continued his career, Jim stood as the founder and the CEO of E-Band Communications where he assisted in the development the first multigigabit communication link, which when put on the market, helped to gain a global market share. In 2004, Jim continued working and founded SmartDrive Systems and served in the position as the company’s CEO.

With his work in biotechnology, he has been able to make a difference in many companies, for both patients and providers. He is the founder of the Foundation For Kidney Transplant Research and is also the founder of Klotho Therapeutics, an organization which focuses on the development of therapy for those who suffer from kidney disease and other major diseases that plague the population.

Through his tireless work, Jim continues to work to improve lives and help others. Not yet ready to retire, he continues his pursuit of making improvements in biotechnology.