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Tips for Buying Eyeglasses Online.

In most cases, people buy eyeglasses online even without their prescription at hand and some cannot even remember what was written. Ideally, the standard prescription is only good for about 2 years and then you have to get another eye check-up for the ophthalmologist to decide on the way to go. You can get your optician to do another prescription but you do not have to limit your choices to what is available online. Your optometrist should provide you with a copy of the prescription even if you forget to ask for it.This specifies the eyeglasses you will need to get. Nonetheless, it does not mean your order has to be limited to what is written on the pad. It is important to consider your PD when making your order.The figure can be found on the prescription but at times it is not available. You can check out this website on how to do a PD measurement at home or just call your eye doctor for this info. If it is a quick order, just put 60 for the distance glasses while a PD of 57 is more acceptable in case you want reading glasses.

The eyeglasses retailer will also want to know the kind of frame you prefer. Generally, frames are made based on the size of your temple, bridge and eyes. Every retailer will indicate the frame measurements on the inside temple of all the eyeglasses and if the ones you have fi well you can get the measurements and get a frame of a similar size.If you do not have a baseline to compare with you will have to try out at some retails stores in order to determine your perfect fit. That way, when you order the eyeglasses online you will know exactly what you have to get. Consider the shape of your face in making your order too. The main face types are diamond, oblong, oval, round, square and triangular. You can ask your optometrist to help you figure out your face type and the eyeglasses which will be best suited. All this can be done on your appointment so that when you leave the clinic you will know what to order.

It is not just the face type you should consider but also the lens. They can be clear, photochromatic or tinted. You cannot benefit from the eyeglasses if they do not come with lenses too.If the prescription is strong you will have acquire thick lenses.