What Has Changed Recently With Graduates?

School System Cannot Teach You Everything You Need To Know In Life

While in school, one gets access to a lot of info which is given out as part of the lectures and is impossible to find another place such level of information is laid out to people.When you get your first job, you will realize that there is more to working life than just mere theoretical analysis of situations which you were used to in school.If you have a chance to get an internship as part of your coursework, you will at least have a chance to witness the reality you will face once done schooling.Education system is based mostly on theory while job practical and tangible practices it in bridging that gap where the big challenge stems.The article below endeavors to bring about such challenges one may face once they get their first job which does not relate with what is learned in school.

You expect to find situations where you will have to work outside the stipulated time especially in some professions such as the medical field due to job requirements.Adapting to a new system which is unfamiliar to you is not easy considering is something nobody told you about it all your life in school but know you face it straight in your face.Every fresh graduate will face this challenge in one way or the other because they are unaware of such expectations.

Balancing between personal goals and the organization goal is a major challenge for fresh graduates who just landed their first job.There is no class work which will teach about specific organizations culture and it will be upon you to identify and accommodate the culture which is practiced in the organization you get job at.Most organizations undertake some induction procedures for new employees so as to enlighten them on the companies procedures.The expected level of commitment in a job is something many graduates are not aware of because they are never taught about work responsibilities.

It may pose a challenge to mingle easily with others during the first few weeks or months once employed.There are formal channels of communication in the formal sector which determine interaction among different people working in different sections in a company.Choices related to which events one should attend or participate in are limited because everything is done through teamwork.Learning to get along well with others at both personal and formal level will be a big balance which you will be expected to hit for smooth time while in your current job.