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Factors to Consider when Buying a Live Lobster

Buying a live lobster means buying a lobster that is fresh out of the sea. You should buy your lobster from a dealer who handles food with a lot of safety. You need some tips to choose a good quality of live lobster. When choosing a lobster, you should consider the following factors to fund a high-quality lobster.

Before buying a live lobster from a dealer you should consider the season of the lobster. Lobsters are harvested throughout the year, but there are also seasons for the harvests. Each season of lobster harvest comes with its price range. Lobster harvest during summer is very high since there is the movement of lobster to the shore enabling the dealers to easily harvest them. There is a decrease in the harvest of the lobsters during fall because of their sluggish movement and moving away from the shore due to the cold weather. Consider the season the lobsters you are purchasing are harvested.

Before making the purchase, consider the hardness of the lobsters. You should consider how new or hard the shell of the lobster you are choosing is. The lobsters grow by shedding off their hard and old shells and changing them with new and soft shells through the process called molting. Many people prefer buying lobsters with softer shells since they are easy to crack and are also sweeter than the lobsters with a hard shell. For the people who look for the quantity in lobster and not the quality, it is better to choose a lobster with a harder shell since this has a higher yield of meat.

You need to choose between buying a male lobster or a female lobster. Many people have no preferences when it comes to the gender of the lobster. However, there is a difference between the two; The female lobster has an internal sac that carries the egg, this turns color when cooking and is used to add flavor to some recipes. There is a difference in the taste of the female lobsters and the male lobsters; the female lobster is softer than the male lobster hence sweeter, shop now for your live lobsters.

Consider the delivery requirements of the live lobsters. Before buying the lobsters, you need to be sure that there is going to be someone to receive the package when it is finally delivered. You can’t have the lobsters dropped at the front door until you arrive home to pick them. The factors mentioned in this article will help you choose the best live lobsters, check it out.

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